University of California Davis, June 2005 - BS, Electrical Engineering
Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary) - Fall 2003
Charles University (Czech Republic) - Spring 2004
La Jolla High School - June 2000


Computer Aided Drafting: Very experienced with SolidWorks and have also used Auto-CAD. Experienced with other 3D tools such as Maya, 3D Studio Max and LightWave. Have modeled 3d objects for photo-realistic renders, rapid prototyping as well as 3D video's and real-time 3D engines.

Digital Media: Adept in using image tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Painter and GIMP. Work with both raster and vector graphics and have a thorough understanding of the underlying technologies. Have used these tools and skills to develop graphics for user-interface elements, product logos, product packaging, web-sites and others.

Product Development: Experienced with almost every aspect of bringing a consumer product to market. Worked with manufacturers both domestically and in China. Traveled to China and worked with partners to have products delivered to warehouses in the U.S. Managed accounts with nation-wide retailers and distributed products through their chains. Set up and managed e-commerce solutions including marketing and fulfillment.

Web Design/Development: Skilled in many different areas of Web Design and Development including Tableless HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, XML, RSS, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache and others. Have developed static html sites, themed open-source back-ends and developed web applications from scratch.

Computer Maintenance: Proficient in installing, using and troubleshooting major platforms including Windows, OSX, Linux and UNIX. Experienced with networking, hardware troubleshooting, bash scripting, virus removal and many other tasks in the IT field.

3D Visualization Programming: Experienced in the area of 3D visualization and game engine programming in C++ and Objective-C. Have worked with portal engines, per-pixel lighting, collision detection, voxels, scan-line rendering, alpha-transparency and large dataset visualization.

Device Programming: Practiced with Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. Have created and launched many iPhone apps using both apple's extensive GUI and API Libraries as well as using the OpenGL ES API.

Robotics/Electronics: Experienced with AVR Microcontrollers, FPGAs, software simulation, SMT and through-hole circuit board prototyping and troubleshooting, stepper-motors, analog sensors and other technologies.

Model Making/prototyping: Expert at working with hands and precision work in the shop. Have worked with wood, plastic, fiberglass, sheet metal, leather, heat-shrink plastic, plexiglass, epoxy, welding, etc… Have also worked with rapid prototyping technologies such as FDM, SLA and CNC Milling to create to-scale, finished prototypes


Product and Web Design: From June 2006 to present: I work as a freelancer both in the fields of product design and web development. I work primarily with independent inventors, helping them develop their product concepts and create photo-realistic renders or physical prototypes. I also do freelance brand development and web-design work.

Tech Support: From June 2006 to present: I am the on-call tech support for several real-estate offices in the San Diego area. I provide general IT troubleshooting and maintenance for these offices.

Entrepreneurial Projects: From late 2006 to present: I am involved in several different projects that relate to bringing consumer products as well as software/web products to market. One example is

Help Desk: From September 2005 to December 2005 I worked in the Help Desk Call-Center for IT Solutions in San Diego.

Network Administrator: From October 2004 to July 2005 I worked at the Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis. I was a network administrator and provided general IT troubleshooting.

Tech Support: From October of 2002 to June of 2004: I provided technical support and served as the assistant for the admissions office at UC Davis where I gained a broad array of practical troubleshooting and networking skills.

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