Product Rendering & Design

A good product image can be an attention-grabber and the tipping point during a pitch. It can make all the difference in helping an audience understand an idea. It can even change the creators own perspective, helping to develop and refine a product. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; a clearly defined 3D model of your product and photo-realistic renderings can be worth a thousand hours of your time.

I work with 3D CAD software to help inventors and businesses visualize their products and concepts. I can use the same style of computer rendering seen in the light bulb above to create photo-realistic, professional images of a product. As I begin to work with a client we work together to bring product design into the mix and refine or extend the product.

I can also help take those 3D CAD files and create physical models using rapid prototyping. Using modern technology high-quality prototypes can be made directly from the 3D models. These prototypes can be made from many different materials and can be a very cost-effective way to get a thourough understanding of your product.

The Process

When I first begin working with a client the product can be as new as a sketch on a napkin or as developed as a working prototype. We will work together to define the important aspects of the product and how it works. From there I can create a first draft of a 3D model. I will work with the client to refine and add to the model until he/she is happy with the result. Once we have a fully fleshed out 3D Model of the parts, this model can be used to create photo-realistic renders, short videos of the model or even a physical prototype.

In creating a 3D model, and eventually a physical prototype, many new facets of a product come to light. This process of rendering and design helps the client refine and extend his/her original concept. This moves the concept much closer to something ready to fly off store-shelves, ready to use to communicate with manufacturers, or ready to pitch to investors.

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