Product Design

Product Rendering & Design

A well designed product can make all the difference in helping an audience understand an idea. High quality product images also take your brochures and web site to the next level.

I work with 3D CAD software to help inventors and businesses visualize their products and concepts. I can use the same style of computer rendering seen in the light-bulb above to create photo-realistic, to-scale, professional images of a product. I can also help create physical prototypes from those 3D CAD files using the latest in 3D printing technology. Read more about Product Design.

Web Design

Web & Logo Design

A web site is a business card, a customer brochure, and an elevator pitch all rolled into one. It is often the first impression potential clients and partners get of your product or business, and should communicate your brand in a single glance. I work with clients to develop web-sites, brands and logos. Read more about web design.

Scott's Projects

My Projects

I do freelance work in the fields of product and web design. I'm based out of San Diego, California. You can find my resume here.

I've also developed my own products and concept designs. I have experience in product design, prototyping, packaging design, marketing, manufacturer relations, ecommerce and retailer relations. My work has been showcased in design fairs and magazines internationally and my products have sold in nation-wide retail stores as well as many small boutiques. You can see a few of the different projects I've worked on.